English /Language Arts
Debra Keener England, Teacher
Spring Semester Courses Offered:
  • English I
  • English II
  • English III
  • English IV
  • Yearbook
Our English classes are always learning something interesting, and most of our lessons tie into real-life events, history, and life skills. 

  • Senior/English IV classes are reading "Cold Sassy Tree," a novel by Olive Ann Burns. Seniors also are working on their Senior Exit Projects, most of which include a community service-type of project.
  • Seniors in English IV are currently finishing their Senior Exit projects as required by the state of North Carolina. Senior Exit projects include a research paper on a career or topic of the student's choice, an internship with a related community mentor, assistance from a faculty mentor, completion of a physical product, and presentation of what they learned.
  • Students in English III are completing Junior Projects, in which they choose a topic of interest related to English, such as music, art, social trends, literature and history. Students then reflect on the literature they are learning.
  • Students in English II are making an amphitheater for Oedipus Rex as part of a unit on ancient Greek literature and theatrics.

An English IV student completes research for her Senior Exit project.