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School Spirit Week 2013

School Spirit Week 2013
Mustang Pride is running wild at Mountain Youth School's "Spirit Week 2013!" Students and staff alike are proud to be at Mountain Youth School, and we're showing our school spirit by participating in fun themed days, where every participant is a winner and the very best getup wins a gift card!

2013 School Spirit Week

Monday: No School/Teacher Workday

Tuesday: Nerd Day/Teacher Day

Wednesday: Decade Day

Thursday: Celebrity Day/Costume Day

Friday: Western/Camo Day

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Spirit Week 2013 - Tuesday ‎(Nerd/Teacher Day)‎

Tuesday: Nerd Day/ Teacher Day
Winner: Alex Harper as "Mr. Davenport"
Runner-Up: Meghan Blaylock as "Nerd"
Honorable Mentions: Tristan Mills, Amber Rogers, Stefanie Wilkins, Andrea Morrow

Spirit Week 2013 - Wednesday ‎(Decade Day)‎

ay: Decade Day
Winner: Aaron Mashburn as "Hank Williams"
Runner-Up: Sydney Hibberts as "John Travolta"
Honorable Mentions: Michael Murphy, Kristen Morrow, Amber Rogers, Stefanie Wilkins, Andrea Morrow, Tyler McDonald

Spirit Week 2013 - Thursday ‎(Costume/Celebrity Day)‎

Thursday: Celebrity Day/ Costume Day
Winner: Meghan Blaylock as "Sailor"
Runner-Up: Tyler McDonald as "Herbert" Honorable Mentions: Tristan Mills, Alex Harper, Aaron Mashburn, Michael Murphy, Kristen Morrow, Andrea Morrow, Amber Rogers, Ashli Brown, Easton Dillard

Spirit Week 2013 - Friday ‎(Camo/Western Day)‎

Friday: Western/Camo Day
Winner: Aaron Mashburn in hunting camouflage 
Runner-Up: Michael Murphy in military camouflage
Honorable Mentions: Sydney Hibberts, Tyler McDonald, Alex Harper, Andrea Morrow, Amber Rogers, Meghan Blaylock, Anthony Hill

For digital copies of the above photos, please contact cindi.herr@cherokee.k12.nc.us.
Oct 30, 2013, 9:34 AM