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September 2013
Dear Parent/Guardian,

Mountain Youth School is pleased to serve your child with personalized education, one-on-one classroom instruction, outcomes-based learning measures, real-life applications, and supplementary activities. Thanks to state priority school funding, we are now able to offer cutting-edge technology to prepare your child for the future. Last year, we placed new Dell Windows-based desktop computers in the classrooms. This year, we are providing each student with access to an Apple iPad. The iPad is a 21st Century learning device with hundreds of educational applications that can be used as a class, in groups, or for individual learning.

Access to iPads is a privilege that not every school enjoys, so it is our intent for each Mountain Youth School student to treat the devices with respect. Each student will be assigned a unique iPad that he/she will be responsible for during the school day. iPads will be checked out each morning and returned each afternoon. Students will not be permitted to share devices or use an iPad assigned to another student. Because we do not assign homework, students have no need to bring them home, nor leave the building with them. We hope that this will keep damages to a minimum. Your child will be responsible and accountable both for the safety of the device and any content he/she views or puts on it, as with any computer. In most cases, this will only entail taking the device with them from class to class as they would a textbook, and using appropriate applications at designated times within the learning environment. All Cherokee County students are required to adhere to the county’s Internet use agreement, found in the student planner, and will not be permitted to use any Internet-capable device without returning a signed agreement to the school. Any damages to the device or its accessories due to neglect, misbehavior, or vandalism will be immediately addressed and may result in disciplinary action per the school handbook and policies. Any inappropriate behavior, communication, downloads, or use contrary to educational purposes will not be tolerated, and will result in disciplinary action. We will be monitoring iPad use and condition on a daily basis, and reserve the right to deny any student access to the devices at any time.

We want you, as the parent/guardian, to be aware of the exceptional benefit that iPads will offer to your child’s education, and also of the degree of responsibility we expect for the safety of these devices to ensure that your child and his/her classmates have the best learning experience possible while at Mountain Youth School. Please reinforce this expectation of the devices as a learning tool and not a toy, and remind your child to use his/her iPad with respect. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Sep 23, 2013, 10:59 AM