Science and Health
Steve Bias, Teacher

Spring Semester Courses Offered:
  • Principles of Technology
  • Biology
  • Physical Science
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---------------------------Science lab activities-----------------------

Earth Science
Soils and Agriculture

Students performed a couple of different experiments used by soil scientists to appropriately identfiy types of soils.  They performed a ribbon test as well as a soil layer test.  Students learned which types of soils were more favorable for growing crops as well as current agricultural practices. Thank you to Shannon Coleman of the N.C. Cooperative Extension Service!

Physical Science
Electricity and Electromagnetics


Students were introduced to the basics of electricity.  They experimented with building a simple circuit using only aluminum foil, a bulb, and a battery.  More advanced circuits were made using switches to learn about open and closed circuits.

Students in the Physical Science class learned about magnetism and built a homemade compass using water, a bowl, a piece of styrofoam, and a magnetized needle.  We also built electromagnets using batteries, wire and nails. 

Wind Turbines

Special Topics
Drug Research Project

Students in Special Topics Science/Health have been learning anatomy, health/physical education, and conducting research on drugs and illegal substances. They create an informative, visual product each week based on their research. When they studied methampetamine, they said the best way to educate their peers was through photos, so they created a match game comparing before and after photos of meth users. They've also created original artwork, made brochures, and are currently making a scientific representation of a drug molecule.

Genetics and DNA
Students in Biology classes used DNA, RNA, and decoders to determine genetic characteristics of fictitious creatures from an alien planet called "snorks," which they then had to draw.