Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant
Cristen Cameron, Teaching Assistant             
2015 Extracurricular Offerings:
  • Student Leadership Council
  • Music and Art classes
  • Yearbook co-mentor
  • Academic tutoring and assistance
  • Senior Exit Project support
  • Special Topics
  • Technical support

Graduation details can be found on the Graduation page

"Begin Your Life ... Graduate!"  This was the slogan and design chosen by Mountain Youth School
students at the 2012 "Life by Design" workshop series focusing on life skills necessary for success in completing high school, graduating, and in becoming an adult. This particular design was created by Alisha Hanlon, a 2012 graduate. It was printed on dozens of T-shirts, now worn proudly by students and staff.

At Mountain Youth School, we not only believe that every student can graduate from high school prepared for life, but we make every effort to ensure that each student who attends our school is given the opportunity to succeed.
The purpose of the graduation coach is to assist school administration, faculty, and staff in providing supplementary services that promote good attendance, healthy living, life skills, individualized tutoring and support.

Extracurricular Activities:
  • Student Leadership Council: comprised of student volunteers who work to improve the school, community, and district.
  • Western Carolina Pacesetters:  http://www.westerncarolinapacesetters.org/ 
  • Safe and Drug-Free Schools: Red Ribbon Week; "SADD but TRU" Alcohol, tobacco, and drug prevention club:  and www.ccdrugfree.orgTobacco cessation support: QuitlineNC and other support programs, including our locally-tailored "Tobacco Reduction University" curriculum
  • "Life by Design" workshop series focused on graduation, life skills, career training
  • "Beyond Scared Straight" detention center tour
  • Special Topics: studies on drugs and health
  • "Stacked Deck" gambling awareness program
  • "Careers in Creativity" art classes: To be offered in partnership with the Cherokee County Arts Council
  • Valley River Arts Guild and downtown business association scarecrow contest
  • Character education curriculum
  • Career Cruising: Workforce and education interest and aptitude mapping
  • Special guest speakers
  • Individualized tutoring
  • Attendance management
  • Credit recovery assistance
  • Monthly events and incentives
  • Life skills-oriented field trips and outings
  • Musical "jam sessions" to promote creative learning through music and teamwork