Student Leadership Council

Student Leadership Council

The Mountain Youth School Student Leadership Council is a group of middle and high school students who meet regularly on a voluntary basis. We discuss ways to improve our school campus, student and faculty school spirit, community involvement, and reputation.

Serving Our School, Sharing With the Community

Click "PLAY" at left to view our January 9, 2014 presentation to the Cherokee County Board of Education. You can maximize the video to full screen by clicking on the outline button at the bottom right of the box. You may also visit the Mountain Youth School channel on Vimeo at:

All grades are represented on the student leadership council. 
The council is currently comprised of about a dozen students, roughly a third of our student body. Any student who wishes to make a positive difference is invited to attend and provide input. Those students with stellar attendance, behavior, and academics earn the privilege of planning and implementing various school and community events.

The leadership council has been instrumental in helping our school obtain two $500 grants from the Cherokee County Board of Education. Their wonderful presentations drew attention to the great things the students have planned for the school, including a school beautification project, for which the money is being used to create three raised gardens at the front of the school.

The students are currently planning several spring school- and community events.

For more information, contact the Graduation Coach at (828) 837-6775.
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